Meeting the difficult insurance challenges of securities brokers and dealers is a Liftman specialty. Insurance carriers typically view brokers and dealers as higher risk, so the insurance options offered can be more limited and expensive. The product mix and business models of the covered firms can also be more complex, so their risk profiles are more difficult to assess — and so a mismatch between risk exposure and insurance coverage is more likely.

Which is why securities brokers and dealers come to us. They often find access to carriers, coverages, and rates here they did not find elsewhere. They may have been unsure about the coverages they need or the rates they could be paying — or have found insurance either unavailable elsewhere or prohibitively expensive for certain parts of their business. Here they work with a specialist who has both the deep understanding of their business and the deep relationships with carriers needed to resolve their specific insurance concerns.

We offer coverage in these categories for securities broker/dealers:

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